GSS Management

GSS Management, Inc. 401k Plan

This Summary Plan Description is a comprehensive guide covering the specifics of your 401k plan.

GSS Management, Inc. Summary Plan Description

This 401k Enrollment Brochure educates you and contains your Payroll Deferral Election Form.

GSS Management, Inc. 401k Enrollment Brochure

This Participant Website Guide gives you step-by-step instructions for the 401k website.

GSS Management, Inc. 401k Participant Website Instructions

You may join the plan anytime and submit your Payroll Deferral Election Form to Human Resources.

Your payroll deferrals will commence on the first day of the new quarter after your submit your Payroll Deferral Election Form to HR. You must be age 21 and have completed one year of service with the company for your payroll deferrals to commence.

Changes to your deferral amounts can be submitted anytime to Human Resources and will take effect immediately.

Your plan will accept rollovers from your previous employer 401k plan and individual retirement accounts. Please see Rollover Form in the Forms section of your participant account.

Please contact us anytime if you need assistance.