Disability Insurance

Athletes, entertainers, the entertainment industry, pilots, attorneys, physicians, dentists, chiropractors, race car drivers, motorcycle racers, pro jockeys, key persons and more.  We underwrite high-limit disability, life, medical and contingency risks.

Personal Disability
Individual DI
Guaranteed-Issue DI
To Age 70
Executive 400
Physicians & Surgeons
Star Cover
Entertainment Industry
Brokers & Traders
Legal Profession
Loss of License
Blue & Gray Collar
Graded Benefit
Stock Option
Pension Completion
Loss of Future Earnings

Business Disability
Buy Sell
Buy Sell Plus
Overhead Expense
Key Person
Buy In
Contract Guarantee
Salary Continuation
Loan Indemnification

Athlete Disability
Draft Protection
Racer Cover
Pro Jockey
The Links

High-Limit Accident
International Term Life

Short Term Medical
USAway Major Medical (leaving the USA)
International Major Medical (visiting the USA)
Bridge Major Medical Insurance Plan
Accident Only Major Medical Plan

Kidnap & Ransom
Brand Protection
Confidential Failure To Survive
Business Loan Failure To Survive
Buy-Sell Failure To Survive
Key Person Failure To Survive

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