Fees Matter

Do 401(k) fees matter?  Yes they do.  Each .10% in avoidable fees puts a drain on 401(k) account balances.

Starting up a new 401(k) plan with Orlando 401k Specialists and Employee Fiduciary is easy.  And so is converting your existing 401(k) plan to us.  You will continue sending employee/employer contributions to your current plan until we have your new plan up and running.  After you begin sending contributions to your new plan, the balances from the old plan will be transferred in.  The entire process takes about 90 days from start to finish.

Fee Schedule

Start Up New 401(k) Plan – $500
Convert Existing 401(k) Plan – $1,000
401(k) Annual Base Fee – $1,500
Annual Fee Includes Up To 30 Employees. Each Additional Employee $30/yr.
We Utilize Vanguard Funds.  You Can Utilize Any Funds You Wish.

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