Payroll Providers,

Please email our pricing flyer to your clients and receive a $500 Marketing Fee from Employee Fiduciary for each 401(k) plan we receive.  The marketing fee is paid by Employee Fiduciary upon receipt of the client’s plan start-up or conversion fee.

Please click this image to open the .pdf flyer.
Save the .pdf to your computer and attach to an email to your clients.

How Will We Know Which Clients Are Yours?

The first questions we ask every new client are…

1) Who is their payroll provider?
2) How were they were referred to us?

Because you provide the payroll processing to our 401k plan, you are directly involved in our process from day one of our interaction with your client.  Our first call will be to you and we will coordinate the payment of your marketing fee.

Please contact me with any questions or suggestions.

Thank you!

Michael J. Marini